Who We Are?

Diversity Manager - 2013

In january 2008 François Greugny founded Acuity Solutions to accompany organizations which were facing challenges in information systems and willing to embrace the countless improvements that were to be had. With over twenty-five years of experience in advanced information technology, knowledge engineering and product diversity management, he was extremely frustrated that there was no tool to master product diversity. He set out to rectify this and June 2013 saw the first release of what we call Pleiade — Product Line Engineering In Advanced Diversity Editor — an acronym pointing to the Pleiades, the constellation that helped ancient Greek mariners keep their vessel on course. Today Acuity Solutions continues to expand and François manages an ever-growing, dynamic team of IT engineers and consultants convinced of his initial dream that the sky is the limit!

PLEIADE - 2017

Acuity Solutions in essence

As a consulting company, our business consultants leverage all kinds of information system projects. With our expertise in project management, enterprise architecture, PLM and PLE, we are there to help our clients meet their needs.

As a software editor, Acuity Solutions provides advanced solutions that others do not support, handling complex issues with simple solutions. To avoid the dangers of a “tunnel effect”, our agile way of working fits our clients’ requirements and gives them transparency at all times.

Shared core values


The Acuity Solutions lifestyle is visible both in its employees and delivered products and it is based on four fundamental values:

  • Ingenuity: Innovation and creativity are what make us tick
  • Efficiency: We do more with less—we go for short internal task-oriented processes focusing on quality rather than non-added value that only looks good on paper
  • Cohesion: We aim to enhance knowledge sharing by working together as a valued team of developers, consultants and project managers
  • Pleasure: We try to find and foster satisfaction by overcoming challenges and by seeing others grow in our enlarged “family” culture

François Greugny, CEO and founder of Acuity Solutions:

“For us, acuity means ingenuity with sensitivity. Thanks to my international experience and work with various sizes of corporations, I have learned that listening is the key to gaining real understanding. At Acuity Solutions, when we recruit someone we are always looking for the same sensitivity in our staff. Born of this principle, our solutions are not driven by proposing systems that only work somewhere else. Instead, while we always keep best practice in sight, we focus primarily on the people and the environment specific to each organization so as to empower these people and companies to do what they do best.”