where it adds value

Product Line Engineering In Advanced Diversity Editor

the key features

Pleiade saves you time and effort

It makes configuration documentation so easy that it does not require special skills or staff support

  • Simple capture of business rules with a click of the mouse: designed for non-technical users – no programming skills required
  • Option: authorizations and restrictions
  • Item rules-based configuration
  • Complex system modelization (product/sub product)
  • System and product constraints

It enables product configuration aligned with product line requirements

It’s ultra-quick, filtering about 200 000 lines of BOM with 1060 combinations in the blink of an eye

It allows product customization

  • Easy items differentiation between product family range and customer product definition
  • BOM comparison
  • BOM realignment vs. current product baseline

It enables BOM and operation export to ERP

Pleiade empowers real-time collaboration

It provides your cross-functional teams with shared views of BOM management applied to your unique business unit data model

It tracks modifications through a simple and powerful configuration management process

It tracks product evolution through planned group change

It uses common product architecture—master data of the product line

  • Catalogs of product lines: a list of models with possible variants and their constraints
  • Multiple views or perspectives: such as engineering, manufacturing, Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO), and so on
  • Composition: configuration rules

It uses Digital Mockup (DMU) integration based on part positioning

  • Parts position computation in multi-coordinate systems
  • Complete or partially configured mock-up visualization : multiple Computer-Aided Design (CAD) systems and viewers available
  • Center of gravity for configured product

It manages user access rights according to business role and responsibilities in the product breakdown structure

Pleiade improves your quality and standardization

It monitors product line design progress and quality, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to master complexity

  • Identify inconsistency within product structure
  • Propose rule simplification
  • Improve product structure completeness
  • Avoid unnecessary combinations study
  • Provide analysis of variant combination coverage

It automates attribute calculations (e.g. mass or cost calculation) with user-defined formulas in an Excel-based format

[our] data are created and manipulated with simplicity and reactivity

Regarding the use of Pleiade, all of [our] data is created and manipulated with a simplicity and reactivity that we have not found elsewhere for the moment. This aspect remains at the heart of Acuity Solutions’ priorities throughout their development.

Pierre HUSS - Process Manager

Acuity Solutions is a growing start-up

Acuity Solutions is a growing start-up, and although for the moment it is of relatively small size […] I am convinced that the chosen data model for product diversity management will save time and quality for all stages of design, which will not fail to attract other industries, thereby contributing to its ongoing development.

Pierre HUSS - Process Manager

Where Pleiade adds value to

your company division

Your sales force

Keep sales department aware of what can or cannot be proposed

Assist sales department to build user-friendly, tailored configuration for customer with accurate pricing

Your operations


  • Reduce time and skill complexity to create and maintain product documentation
  • Drive engineering forces for a range of configurations identified by the marketing department
  • Standardize customization
  • Monitor completion of your product configuration
  • Validate not just specific configurations but the whole product range


  • Design product and process at the same time
  • Keep the process standard even if the final product is highly variable
  • Design workstations, operations and tools independently but in sync with engineering structure


  • Anticipate spare parts supply
  • Track vendor information independently of engineering and/or manufacturing management

Your executive and management


  • Design, manufacture and sell large volumes of highly variable products
  • Offer more to your customers while reducing internal complexity
  • Keep manufacturing prices low

Project Manager

  • Reduce time and skill complexity to create and maintain product configuration
  • Manage change orders on demand and their chronology

Chief Information Officer

  • Easy deployment : automatic update, access rights management, out-of-the-box or customized profiles, LDAP authentification
  • Ease of use : such as multilinguals and large display
  • Data model customization : subtypable, user-defined attributes through text, list,  image, boolean and URL datatype)
  • Migration and data initialization through tabular files

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