Acuity Services

Acuity services are composed of three interconnected components:



training and coaching


We can help you define your product diversity strategy

Do you want to design, manufacture and sell large volumes of highly variable products, and need to build the proper product structure? We are there to accompany you.

Beginning with a deep business requirements analysis, we will help you define and design your unique variability model using a common terminology throughout.

Acuity Solutions consultants have a broad range of experience in industry and are aware of most common issues you may be encountering. They are there to assist you in implementing product diversity management best practice.

We can improve your product line engineering management

Maybe you already know about product diversity management and the concepts related to product configuration in the variability management process. However, some cases don’t fit to your organization and you would like a new approach to what has been designed and/or implemented so far.

So do you want to factorize your optimized engineering and manufacturing activities while taking into account the context of your product line? Acuity Solutions can provide product line engineering assistance for outlining your marketing strategies and implement your business transformation processes.

We can support your diversity information system strategy

Does your IS system fail to fully support your product line strategy and need some refactoring to set product line engineering software at the heart of your product development ecosystem? Acuity Solutions IS experts can help you identify required capabilities and corresponding applications and interfaces. They will guide you in putting in place responsibilities between applications (master/slave) and ensure their optimal use with respect to your business strategies over time.

We can help you drive your product lifecycle management initiatives

PLM projects have often been understood as IT projects led by IT teams. Business teams have not always been involved (or not been involved enough) in major cross-company development which a PLM software brings. As a result, the benefits of product traceability (to cite only one added value of a PLM software) have not always been perceived and the tool rejected. Do your PLM initiatives reach the executive level to transform an enterprise-wide system? Acuity Solutions PLM experts are skillful with business requirement implementation and can help you with your PLM and enhance your business and IT dialog.

We can help you improve your enterprise architecture

You have a genuine interest in aligning the flows between your business capabilities, business processes and applications. Do you want to model your current IS situation so that it can be a springboard for the future, as oriented by your business objectives? Acuity Solutions consultants have a broad range of experience in EA and will analyze all levels of your organization to provide the foundation for an enterprise-wide system.

They will build your enterprise architecture assets: a business capabilities map, business process engineering, application landscape and all its derivatives (macro or micro) to support the alignment of your IS/IT with your company strategy.

IS/IT Project Management

Are you encountering issues managing operational activities and the restructuration of your organization? Our project management consultants are there to assist you in planning, piloting and assessing the impact of your projects/programs. They are there to help you reach your project targets.


Software customization

We handle specific business needs, developing various Pleiade extensions, while passing on the benefits of generic solutions to be used by our other clients throughout the world: every one of our clients is a winner.

Our way of working is based on an agile/scrum methodology to:

  • fit requirements
  • clarify business needs directly within the tool
  • avoid a tunnel effect
  • bring transparency between the client and the IT team

Interface development

Product definition is linked to the question of product representation for design and industrialization—hence a vital part of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

As your application landscape is the make or break issue, we devise dedicated interfaces to respect your data model and we tailor them to match your target systems environment.

On the one hand, our approach to be interfaced with CAD systems is based on ProSTEP/iViP specification. We generate a generic digital mockup before developing the plugin suited to your environment. Below you can see a list of plugins that we have already developed:

On the other hand, as each product domain is designed according to a dedicated data model, we develop specific add-ons to match the target data model with respect to the IT interface contract.

Maintenance and support

We ensure the best possible support for your application in line with product line engineering best practice.

Training and coaching

Product line engineering and diversity management training

Because product diversity management fundamentals are always not simple to grasp, we provide role play based training, allowing you to develop deeper understanding and start imagining the new challenges for your organization.

Assistance and methodology

We know that having a good tool is not enough; using it the right way for the right thing is also essential. To ensure an efficient handover and to optimize use of Pleiade, we provide guidance to fit your business requirements.